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COMODITÀ Avanti is an elegant, modern, patented, light weight rolling walker that can be operated with one or two hands, ideal for stroke patients. The brake bar on COMODITÀ Avanti is placed under the entire soft rubbery handle, allowing you to brake both rear wheels simultaneously with only one hand. By pushing the brake bar down you can lock the brake when you want to park your walker.

In addition to the exclusive COMODITÀ Pisa removable cup holder,

Our Avanti model has a removable plastic tray that can be used to transport small items. Under the tray you have a very roomy, removable, washable, nylon bag for your personal items.

The COMODITÀ Avanti rolling walker has four soft rubber 8" wheels that make it very easy to turn and to roll your walker. It can also be easily folded for storage or transportation.


The stylish and contemporary design of COMODITÀ Avanti, with our signature "S" shaped back wheel support provides extra space between the rear wheels helping to avoid trips and falls, making it perfect walking aid, even on narrow and small spaces.

About the COMODITÀ Avanti walker

model number: COM 800


Excellence in Design and Safety