Assembling your COMODITÀ Tipo classic walker is simple.

No tools required. Follow the easy seven steps below.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Comodita model 14b.jpg

                  STEP 4
Release the plastic locking device that holds the walker folded.


Remove walker from the box and remove all cardboard protections.
Put the walker on a flat surface.


Raise the handles to the upright position.

        STEP 7
Insert both sides of the nylon bag into the metal support. Wrap the velcro tape around the frame.

Comodita model 14 - Copy.jpg
Tipo classic orange side - Copy.jpg
Tipo classic orange side - Copy - Copy.j
Comodita model 20a.jpg
Comodita model 16a.jpg
Comodita model 21a.jpg

    STEP 5
Open the walker and press down the sides of the seat until you hear a "click", indicating that the seat is locked to the frame.

       STEP 3
Lock the frame on both sides by bringing the folding lock lever (pic 1) up 180 degrees, so it points up (pic 2). Turn the folding lever 90 degrees towards the back wheel, so it slides into the folding lock lever plastic support (pic 3).

Note: You can only slide the folding lock lever into the plastic support if it is in the correct position.

                   STEP 6
Adjust the handle height. The hand-grips should be at a height even with your wrists when standing relaxed behind the walker.


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