Spazio graphite side.jpg

model number: COM 240

About the COMODITÀ Spazio special walker

The modern design and sturdy construction of the extra wide COMODITA Spazio special Rolling Walker make it one of the safest walkers on the market.

The exclusive 20" wide orthopedic seat and extra wide ergonomic backrest makes it ultra comfortable, ideal for users that enjoy resting between walks.


Built to support weights of up to 440 lbs (200 kgs), it is tested and approved under the most demanding standards for rolling walkers.


Our signature "S" shaped back wheel support  provides extra space for the feet to move, helping to avoid tripping and falling. It also allows the weight to be placed right above the wheels, and not on the side of the wheels like most models on the market.


Our rolling walkers is built with the best materials available to ensure the highest safety you can find.