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Nair with her new walker_edited.jpg

Grandma Nair. Our "inspirer" and first tester!

Our experience with rolling walkers goes back 16 years when we started taking rolling walkers to family members who live overseas.


We had tried to identify the safest and most durable walkers in the market and bought several for relatives. However, we were never fully satisfied with what was available in the market. We had a lot of problems with flimsy walkers, welds breaking and several other issues, all in addition to very poor designs...

Our Inspiration & Mission

... So, with our extensive experience developing and sourcing products all over the world, we decided to create a line of walkers that would address all of these issues. We wanted to focus on safety, design, and durability.


Since 2014, we have designed and made a unique line of high-end, safe, and stylish walkers. They are tested under the most rigorous standards of international organizations.


Our quality control team follows the production of every single item, step-by-step, to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product.


We really understand our customers’ needs and take that very seriously when designing each one of our models. Most of our designs are exclusive and patented to ensure users have a unique product that they are proud of carrying around.

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